Sometimes a blank canvas can be a gift. Other times, it overwhelms us. Starting from scratch means that there are quite literally millions of colors, textures, patterns and styles to choose from. If you do not have a direction, it can be creatively paralyzing.

So, where to begin?

One helpful idea is to draw color and design inspiration from things that you love. Perhaps the piece of art you purchased from a street vendor on your honeymoon. Or an heirloom piece of furniture. Or even a brand new item that just catches your eye as you browse the options in the store.

Inspiration can also be sparked by:

But creative juices can also get flowing when we think more broadly:

  • Mother Nature
  • A treasured memory of a place
  • Images from your travel destinations

Each piece of inspiration is as unique as the person inspired by it. Pulling a color, a texture, a style from something that inspires you will also lend an authentic passion to your project.

Where do you find inspiration for design?

Image source: Benjamin Moore