Buying a home can be stressful, but shouldn't be if your prepared in advance. When looking to buy dont look at the price of the home, look at your payment you feel comfortable at. I always ask my client what payment do you feel,comfortable with and not living for that house. You should enjoy that home and vacations away from that dream home. Once you find that comfortable level, then decide the needs and wants of your family. What do you real need ,you can't live without, you can't add on later. Like lot size, neighborhood, basement and schools if you have a family. Then what is a desire you want in a home, maybe a fourth bedroom , a office, a pool, and finished basement. Then think can I do them after I move in? So now tell me your wants in a home? Tell me what would be  a desire in a home to you? 

Debbie Buckingham,GRI

Associate Broker,

Maryland Leadership Academy

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